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    24 Hour Service Call 021-69971038 18621823828

    email: Jack@gloryline.cn

    Company Profile Shanghai Gloryline International Logistics Co., Ltd.

      Relying on good cooperation with the major domestic ports and shipping line operators, the company's vitality is concentrated in the fields of international container transport, bulk cargo transport, air transport, land transport, warehousing services, customs agents and other fields; engaged in: booking , Warehousing, transit, container devanning assembled, settlement Yun miscellaneous fees, customs clearance, post-mortem report, insurance, overseas agents and consulting business. At the same time I Division to take advantage of the price to undertake: freezers, hanging suitcases, frame boxes, open top boxes, tank containers, dangerous goods and other special cargo transport. Has a wealth of professional experience.

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    • Feb07

      Concerned: some monopolies suspected of the port, the national coastal port rectification beganOn November 15, the NDRC released a news release stating that on the basis of a survey on suspected monopolistic behavior in Shanghai Port and Tianjin Port, the NDRC, in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport and the China Ports Association, jointly held a meeting on September 22 requiring that all 39 ports along the coast of the country In accordance with the problems found in the antitrust investigation, we should carry out self-examination and rectification and rectification so as to require port enterprises to fully understand the importance of fair competition, to promote port production and management to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and to better serve the development of the real economy.

    • Feb07

      Logistics process needs attentionafter the transfer of the empty box, the clerk in the system to select the box number must be carefully checked the name of the vessel, voyage number, bill of lading number, box, box, so as not to choose the wrong result in bad box or wrong transport (due to some empty Box is the designated port of destination).

    • Truck scale packing scheme
      Truck scale packing scheme

      SCS-100D truck scale is a new generation of electronic vehicles, said the use of all steel bridge peak nest (fourth generation arch-shaped) structure, the overall structure is good, strong steel.

    • LED smart appliances packing plan
      LED smart appliances packing plan

      LED intelligent electric box is a dynamic source developed with intelligent electronic appliances, including the development and manufacture of mobile phones. Computer one of the essential tools.

    • Communication components packing plan
      Communication components packing plan

      Cable terminal box has been an essential part of communications construction, international communications project on the cable terminal box machine packing scheme also has a lot of stress, is Ruijin international logistics for cable terminal box boxing program to help you do a brief comb.

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