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    ou should know these terms in international shipping!

    Source : 上海瑞進國際物流有限公司Release Time : 2020-06-28

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    You should know these terms in international shipping!

    Author: Shanghai Ruijin International Logistics Co., Ltd. release time: April 27, 2020 124 times of browsing

    People who take sea transportation often encounter these nouns: customs clearance, Bill cutting, port cutting, customs clearance, customs clearance, customs clearance, customs clearance. These terms seem to make people feel "blind". How to distinguish them in actual operation?

    Customs clearance: refers to the time when the customs declaration and release information is closed. Before this time, the goods must be declared and released, and the customs release slip (station receipt, also known as cargo paper) should be submitted to the shipping company. It is generally shown as closing time.

    Cut off: refers to the time when the shipping company changes the contents of the bill of lading at last, which is often referred to as the deadline for replenishment of bill of lading. Generally speaking, it can not be changed free of charge after that. There are also many shipping companies to implement a one-time replenishment, after any change will be charged. It is generally displayed as Si cutoff.

    Cut off Port: This is the closing time of container collection at the wharf. Before this time, the loaded containers can enter the wharf, and then can not enter the wharf again. Sometimes it is also called cutting load cabinet. It is displayed as CY cutoff or CY closing.

    Customs clearance: customs clearance is a commonly used oral term in the freight forwarding industry, which mainly refers to a series of specific operations such as customs declaration, inspection application, customs declaration documents, transportation, delivery and so on.

    Customs declaration: customs declaration is a specific action. Generally, the consignor or or agent of import and export declare the specific goods information to the customs, not only pointing out that the export customs includes the import. The corresponding agent is the agent for customs declaration.

    Customs clearance: as mentioned above, each shipping company will have a time limit for customs declaration of the loaded goods. Usually, the customs declaration can be made about 4 days before the ship leaves, and the customs clearance information will be stopped one or two days before the ship's departure, which is called customs clearance.

    Customs clearance: customs clearance is a procedure after customs clearance, which will send the relevant information released and the information of goods loaded to the Customs for filing and subsequent export tax refund (foreign exchange verification) and other work. Therefore, the customs clearance date refers to the date when the international ships have completed the customs formalities and settled all kinds of payment before the export, and the customs allowed to leave the port.

    Customs clearance: a general term for a series of actions of customs clearance and customs clearance. It refers to the procedures required by the Customs for import and export goods and transhipment goods to enter or enter the customs territory of a country. Only after the customs declaration, inspection, taxation, release and other procedures can the goods be released. Under the mode of processing trade, the later verification is completed, which is called customs clearance.

    Customs clearance and customs clearance are different

    Customs clearance means that all the customs procedures for import and export goods have been completed, and the Customs has approved the release of the goods and no longer carries out supervision on the goods. And usually said the cut-off date refers to the latest customs declaration time.

    Difference between document release and released and customs clearance:

    The release of documents refers to the release of the customs declaration form, the release of the goods, and the clearance means that the Customs has gone through the customs clearance procedures for the goods. After customs clearance, the customs will send electronic data to the E-port after customs clearance. If it is only in the list that has been released, it indicates that the Customs has not been cleared. Generally, the customs will handle the customs clearance procedures for the goods within 5 working days after the goods are exported.

    Order of customs declaration / customs clearance / customs clearance / customs clearance at the time of export:

    When exporting, the information will be prepared before the closing date, the customs declaration will be made first, the goods will be released for loading and leaving the port after the customs clearance, and the ship will take the goods out of the port after completing the customs clearance procedures. Therefore, the date of customs clearance is generally later than the closing date, and even later than the date of customs declaration. And these series of actions can be considered as complete clearance. Therefore, the time sequence is customs clearance - Customs - clearance - customs clearance.

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