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    Company Profile

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    Shanghai?Gloryline International Logistics Co., Ltd

    Business scope of the company:
    China im/export to world by Ocean &Air &Railway &Inland truck &Warehouse &

    Service advantages:
    1.Our team has rich working experience in global Logistics?field.

    like BreakBulk &RoRo &Flat Rack &Open Top &General Container &DG &Air &Railway & Tank &Inland transportion with all kinds of low-bed truck.

    2.We have good and close cooperation with shipping/air?line and wharf.


    3.We have our own warehouse? and?low-bed trucks.

    4.We can help u do logistics service in any port of China

    Like shanghai/ningbo/qingdao/tianjin/shenzhen/guangzhou/dalian/changjiang river.

    Our team:
    Golryline was found in 2014 years our?headquarters is located in Shanghai.

    Our team consists of more than 30 people who are?Optimistic, positive and striving for improvement.

    Sincerity: treat customer honestly? ? ?

    Cost: reduce the cost of customers

    Efficiency: solve customers' problems quickly

    Innovation:?Win to win cooperation

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