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    Featured business series

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    Bulk groceries shipping
    • Bulk groceries shipping

    Bulk groceries shipping

    Bulk bulk groceries imported goods are: steel, building materials, fertilizers, feed, and other products, exports of coke, bauxite and other products

      Bulk advantage
      Bulk bulk groceries imported goods are: steel, building materials, fertilizers, feed, and other products, exports of coke, alumina and other products. The main bulk carriers: shipping whole ship, but also charter transport. The value of the goods involved in the chartering business are low. According to the CIF and FOB price clauses of goods trade, it is determined that the charterer side has three kinds of charter modes of transport: fixed charter (also called voyage charter), regular charter (charter), bareboat charter, freight The company involved in the charter business mainly voyage charter-based. Shipowners pay the agreed shipping costs.
      Operating procedures
      Receive customer inquiry
      When customers consult the chartering transport, customers should understand the following questions.
      (1) Mode of transport: Panamax and Capesize;
      (2) shipping port and unloading port;
      (3) the name and quantity of the goods;
      (4) loading rate and loading rate;
      (5) water lines for loading and unloading ports
      (6) Estimated transportation time;
      (7) the name of the client unit, contact person, telephone, telex, e-mail, fax, etc.
      After informed of these information to inform customers, shipping companies will be reported as soon as possible charter shipping costs, as well as the port declaration and shipping costs. Understand the loading and unloading of customers time
      After the user and shipping company identify the transportation agent and declaration of declaration, according to the time when the ship arrives at the port of discharge to inform the user in advance to provide a copy of the full set of declaration documents required.
      Import declaration time limit
      Since the declaration of the means of transport into the country within 14 days from the date of declaration, super-day customs card to accept the defer, in the tax bill within 14 days did not pay taxes, the customs imposed late fees.
      報檢 報檢 procedures
      1. 報檢 procedures: 報檢 - pay the inspection fee - Exit and Entry Clearance - Water gauge measurement - sampling test - Quality Certificate
      2. Customs procedures: declaration - inspection - taxation - release - clearance
      Customs inspection documents
      報檢 documents: 報檢 power of attorney, 報檢 single, contracts, invoices, foreign water gauge weight list, quality certificate.
      Customs documents: customs declaration, declaration, contract, invoice, weight list, commodity inspection customs clearance, insurance, a copy of the letter of credit.
      Business Scope
      The ship is divided into: Panama (less than 70,000 tons) and Cape of Good Hope (more than 80,000 tons).
      Charter shipping costs paid
      The payment of chartering freight and the terms of the contract are not necessarily synchronized, according to the charter party identified with the shipowner.
      1, CIF and CNF terms: shipping date to pay shipping redemption bill
      2, FOB Terms: 10 shipping within the shipping fee, or shipping to the port of destination to pay shipping.
      Calculation of taxes and fees
      Import duties are mainly paid in CIF price terms, CNF and FOB price terms in the calculation of customs duties must be converted into CIF price duty-paid.
      1, import tariffs: duty-paid price X tariff rate
      2, import value-added tax: (duty-paid price + tariff tax) X value-added tax rate
      Export tariffs are based on customs commodity tax tips prompted by the product side to export tariffs.
      Statutory fees paid: tariffs, value-added tax, commodity inspection fees.

    Bulk groceries shipping
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